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Updated: Feb 8

"The beautiful Spring came, and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also."

Spring is the season of the Wood element.

As in nature, shoots and buds start to appear on plants and trees, Spring is the time for our bodies to grow and to move outwards again.

Spring is a time for rejuvenation and new beginnings.

Spring is the transition where we move from the darkness and Yin of Winter to the brightness and Yang of Summer.

After the excesses of the Christmas season, now is the time to rejuvenate and cleanse our bodies.

We Spring-clean our homes, so why not Spring-clean our bodies?

The Liver and Gallbladder are the organs associated with Spring and the Wood element.

The eyes are governed by the Liver.

The Liver controls tendons.

The colour associated with the Liver is green.

The climate that damages the Liver is Wind.

The emotion, when there is an imbalanced, is anger.

To ensure good health in Spring, it is important to adapt our diet, lifestyle and exercise regime according to the season.

In Spring, the Liver and Gallbladder are more susceptible to disease, as they are at their strongest.

Signs of Liver disharmony include:


•Muscle tightness.

•Menstrual cycle imbalances.

•Epigastric pain.

•Blurred vision/floaters.


Signs of Gallbladder disharmony include:

•Jaw clenching.

•Temporal headaches.

•Tight tendons.

•Feeling increasingly judgemental.

•Difficulty making decisions.

Therefore, ways of supporting the Liver and Gallbladder throughout Spring, is to increase our intake of green foods, and foods with a sour taste.

These should include:




Sour foods activate the Liver function, therefore including lemons, limes, pickled and fermented foods will ensure the Liver remains strong.

Drinks such as peppermint/Chamomile tea or hot water with lemon will help move stagnation in the Liver channel. Milk thistle tea protects and helps cleanse the Liver.

Ensure foods that are eaten,are in season and are locally sourced. Eat your main meal early, to allow your body to recover overnight.

Move outdoors as much as possible.

Walking in the woods is an ideal choice!

Exercise is great for the Liver, choosing an exercise such as yoga/daily stretching would also benefit the Liver.

While outdoors, if the weather is windy, ensure you protect yourself from the elements, as Wind can damage the Liver.

In your home, open the windows daily, to allow fresh Spring air to circulate within the rooms of your home.

Remove clutter from your wardrobes, cupboards and surfaces.

Remove any toxins from your surroundings by choosing natural cleaning products, personal care products and natural candles.

If you feel like your Liver and Gallbladder need some tending to, or perhaps you would like some seasonal "rebalancing ", schedule an acupuncture appointment today!

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