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Clontarf Acupuncture Clinic takes a modern approach to an ancient medicine, providing patients with the most effective means of reaching their health potential.

Common conditions I treat within the clinic include:

Acupuncture, as an ancient eastern medicine, treats a wide range of conditions. From pain management to stress reduction, experts are finding that the positive effects of acupuncture are broad and far reaching. Patients can experience not only physical well being, but also an improved state of mind and a more balanced emotional state, after they have undergone an acupuncture treatment.

However, a lot of these conditions are ones that are aggravated or exacerbated by our western lifestyles such as stress,

improper diet and fast paced living. Trying to juggle the pressures of life, struggling to achieve a better work/life balance and not allowing adequate time for eating, and for rest and relaxation can play havoc with our nervous system, immune system and digestive system.

Acupuncture offers that mindful break, promoting overall wellbeing. Over the past 40 years, Acupuncture has become more and more popular, evolving into one of the most utilised forms of complimentary integrative medicine interventions. It’s rise in popularity in the West, can be attributed in part to its proven effectiveness for pain relief, and also due to the fact that scientific studies are showing its efficacy in many conditions.


More and more hospitals are adding acupuncture to their treatment protocols, being included as a treatment option in

pain clinics, oncology units, maternity hospitals and in I.V.F clinics.

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