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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season is associated with a specific element, organ, taste and energy.

As nature changes with the seasons , our bodies change also, and because of this, it is important to adopt practices that support our bodies through these transitions.

The season of Summer is associated with the Fire element, an element which represents heat, warmth, activity, movement and brightness.

The heart and the small intestine are the organs associated with Summer.

The emotions of the heart are passion, laughter and joy.

In Summer, trees and flowers are in full bloom, the days are longer, and the temperature is higher.

Summer is a time for movement outwards, into the outdoors. It is a time for waking up earlier.

Activity and exercise are extremely important during Summer. During Summer, the body’s energy should be at its peak.

Fire controls the heart.

If the “fire in the heart” is deficient, symptoms such as: chills in the body, a sluggish digestive system, sorrow, bitterness, negativity, low mood, can all be experienced.

Whereas, if there is “excess fire in the heart”, symptoms such as: dryness in the lungs and nasal passages, anxiety, mania, insomnia and constipation can all be experienced.

Bitter is the taste that stimulates the heart and small intestine. The flavour is responsible for draining excess heat from the body.

Summer is hotter, therefore it is important to keep well hydrated, and to eat foods that are cooling on the body.

Cooling foods include: watermelon, melon, raspberries, strawberries, celery, cucumber, mint, green tea, tomatoes, dark leafy greens.

To nourish the moisture, or Yin, in our bodies, it is important to include the following in our diet:

pear, apple, seaweed, eggs, fish, sesame seeds.

Avoid spicy, greasy foods, which can generate excess heat in the body.

Eat small amounts of food at regular intervals, including foods that help with digestion such as:

ginger, mint, fennel.

Eat foods that are in season and that are locally grown and that provide a wide range of colours and flavours on your plate.

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